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Always Horny. I Cum In My Own Mouth. Did I Mention My Dicks Big?

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Jake Orion


About Me

Age: 21
Birthday: September 9th
Sign: Virgo
Orientation: Versatile
Joined: 2013-07-21 17:21:51
Languages: English
Location: South Florida

My Appearance

Ethnicity: Caucasian / White
Eye Color: Blue
Hair: Brown
Weight: 70kg (154lbs)
Height: 182cm (6ft 0in)
Cock: 22cm (9in)
Pubic Hair: Trimmed
Body Type: Muscular
Body Mods: Piercings

About Me

Photo of Jake Orion Photo of Jake Orion Photo of Jake Orion Photo of Jake Orion Photo of Jake Orion
I like a man who is willing to take my big dick straight up their ass and let me cum all inside of them. I want a man who is willing and wants to be punished by me. I love smacking and dirty talking when fucking my guy. I like being on top most of the time, but willing to take it in the ass for the right guy. I love getting my asshole licked and also giving others rim jobs. Also love 69

My Turn-ons

I love master bating with my left hand all the time. Even tho my dick no hands to the left because of it. I don't master-bate like most, I change it up because it feels 10x better. I love using lube, because without it my dick would probably be swollen. My privates are awesome and I love cumming in my mouth weather it be 1, 2, 3 or maybe even four shots.

My Fantasies

I want to ram the tightest asshole I can find. I don't like being told to go soft. it's all about going HARD in the paint. Condom? What Condom, fuck condoms. I want to feel your insides grabbing my dick. Who wants shitty plastic around their dick? I love also to gape assholes when I pull out my dick and see that nice dark hole, omg so sexy. When I am very horny I also love taking it the ass. Weather it be a dildo or a nice big dick.

My Fetishes

Nipple Biting, Armpit Licking, Rimming, Teasing, Nude Wrestling, Cock Teasing, Nude Tickling, Anal, Double Penetration, Ass to Mouth

My Sex Toys

Giant Dildo, Crop, Fleshlight, Butt Plug

Role Playing

Coach/Trainee, Master / Slave, Bad Cop/Good Cop, Master/Slave

Recent Reviews

palmbchFL on November 22, 2013:   hot guy with a huge cock

mcm1071989 on November 17, 2013:   He makes me so hard, I want him to fuck me!

mcm1071989 on November 17, 2013:   So fuckin hot, so fuckin sexy, so fuckin satisfying. He makes me cum to this website.

YouFineAsHell on November 16, 2013:   I don't always like to suck dick, but when I really have the urge, I know I can turn to Jake for some dirty talk, a good show, and a gooey nut blast at the end. Always worth my time, (and money). He's so good I almost hate to see he is online, with his fine addictive little ass and huge fat dick.

Jake: You Fine As Hell!

BaileeAndreas on November 14, 2013:   My first time and show. This guys is sexy as hell and simply amazing. Totally worth it!! You WILL NOT be disappointed.

marine33426 on November 13, 2013:   Awesome Body and a huge cock with a huge load when he cums. Great show. Worth every credit!!!

chicko123 on November 13, 2013:   im in love with this guy...

JonfromUK on November 12, 2013:   Watched a 10 minute Group Cum show. Jake has a terrific body, a huge (nicely trimmed) cock, and has a really slow, passionate masturbating action. Easily worth your credits

jwellfor on November 9, 2013:   Jake is awesome. Great performer very hot! A real turn-on in private. And he packing in all the right places. Highly recommend if you're looking for a spectacular show.

Horny4You2013 on November 8, 2013:   this man is one amazing buddy.. such a good friend. I have yet to see him prvt but he told me he would make it worth my while. Love this guy to pieces.. A #1 model in my books..

XeThann on November 7, 2013:   So fuckin sexy

kink9ysub on November 5, 2013:   Really HOT Stud with a BIG THICK Cock

corrodz1 on November 2, 2013:   Jake is the hottest guy on this site, coupled with his hot cum shows. He can shoot that load into his mouth and cover himself in cum. Jake you are a sexy boy and I will keep coming back. Yhankyou

musclekisser on October 31, 2013:   Great guy. Very sexy ripped muscle body as im sure you seen. He is also very nice, He chats a lot and does not ask for pvt every time you enter the room like some models. He is awesome!

SilverFoxMe1 on October 31, 2013:   Jake,
You are the best-of-the best: why? YOU call things as they are and remain YOU... ya give a great show, but this is the least-of-the-Best.... You are the "real deal": rough with and edge, F'm if they cannot take a joke kind of guy, and authentic. Best for ya bro!!!! Hey, guys, I'm not a troll... a man that calls it as it is...

Pierce75 on October 26, 2013:   Jake is a hot, lean, muscled, buck who enjoys showing his fans a good time. He's hung and loves to please those who work with him to excite him. His special porn is the key to a GREAT show. WOOF

bigbisou65 on October 22, 2013:   great show wonderful really

YouFineAsHell on October 21, 2013:   Awesome showman! He is funny and knows how to drip sexiness. You could just attach yourself to his juicy fat dick. When I first went private with him I thought he was too lean to be a real turn on, but then... He took off his basketball shorts and that dick was nowhere near lean. I was a mouthwateringly healthy fat monster with balls the size of eggs. And you can tell he was a good fuck. ...

thedoctor89 on October 20, 2013:   Absolute best performer.

fuckheadABQ on October 18, 2013:   HOTTEST DUDE ON THE PLANET. He is the reason God made COCK WORSHIP

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Jake Orion Private Webcam Show
I will finger my butt hole, cum on my abs and talk dirty and do whatever ud like p.s virgin butt hole
I will finger my butt hole, cum on my abs and talk dirty and do whatever ud like p.s virgin butt hole
WIll nut for the 12th time
WIll nut for the 12th time
Jake Orion Private Webcam Show
Jake Orion Private Webcam Show
Jake Orion Party on Jul 23, 2013
Jake Orion Party on Jul 23, 2013